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Verilog Code For Serial Adder With Accumulator

I am writing a VHDL code to impelemt 8 bit serial adder with accumulator.When i do simulation, the output is always zeros! And some times it gives me the same number but with a shift ! I dont know what is the problem, i tried to put A,B as inout but didnt work as well. Can anybody help please.

verilog code for serial adder with accumulator

This example describes an 8-bit unsigned multiplier-accumulator design with registered I/O ports and synchronous load in Verilog HDL. Synthesis tools are able to detect multiplier-accumulator designs in the HDL code and automatically infer the altmult_accum megafunction to provide optimal results.

You can replace the delays and the decimation factor at the input with a commutator switch. The switch starts on the first branch 0 and moves in the counterclockwise direction as shown in this diagram. The accumulator at the output receives the processed input samples from each branch of the polyphase structure and accumulates these processed samples until the switch goes to branch 0. When the switch goes to branch 0, the accumulator outputs the accumulated value.

When you specifySerialPartition for a FIRDecimator block, set Filter structure to Direct form. TheDirect form transposedstructure is not supported with serial architectures.Accumulator reuse is not supported for FIRDecimation filters.

Specify distributed arithmetic partial-product LUT partitionsas a vector of the sizes of each partition. The sum of allvector elements must be equal to the filter length. The maximum sizefor a partition is 12 taps. Set DALUTPartition toa scalar value equal to the filter length to generate DA code withoutLUT partitions. See also DALUTPartition (HDL Coder). 350c69d7ab


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