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Miyori no Mori: A Magical Adventure in the Forest

Miyori no Mori: A Magical Adventure in the Forest

Miyori no Mori is a 2007 anime film based on a manga series by Hideji Oda. It tells the story of Miyori, a young girl who moves to a rural village with her grandparents and discovers that she is the guardian of the forest and its spirits. She also learns that a dam project threatens to destroy her new home and the forest's inhabitants. With the help of her friends and the forest spirits, she tries to stop the dam and protect the forest.

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The film is directed by Nizo Yamamoto, who is known for his art direction on several Studio Ghibli films and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. The screenplay is written by Satoko Okudera, who also worked on The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. The voice of Miyori is played by Yu Aoi, a popular actress and singer. The film has a high budget of 210 million yen (about 1.7 million dollars), which is unusual for a TV movie.

Miyori no Mori is a charming and heartwarming film that explores themes such as environmentalism, family, friendship, and identity. It has beautiful animation and music that create a magical atmosphere. It also has elements of Japanese mythology and folklore, such as the spirits of the forest and the giant cherry tree. The film is suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed by fans of fantasy and adventure.

The film also features a variety of interesting and memorable characters, both human and non-human. Some of the main characters are:

  • Miyori: The protagonist of the film. She is a lonely and rebellious girl who initially rejects her role as the forest guardian. She gradually opens up to her grandparents, her classmates, and the forest spirits. She has a strong sense of justice and courage.

  • Kanoko: Miyori's classmate and friend. She is a cheerful and energetic girl who loves nature and animals. She helps Miyori adjust to the village life and supports her in her mission to save the forest.

  • Daisuke: Miyori's classmate and friend. He is a smart and curious boy who likes to read books and learn new things. He is fascinated by the forest spirits and helps Miyori with his knowledge and skills.

  • Kuro: Miyori's grandfather's dog. He is a loyal and brave companion who follows Miyori everywhere. He was originally black, but turned white after being scared by a bear spirit when Miyori was a child.

  • Sakura: The spirit of the cherry tree and the leader of the forest spirits. She is a beautiful and wise woman who chooses Miyori as the forest guardian. She guides and protects Miyori throughout the film.

  • Bokuriko: A mischievous and playful spirit who lives in a gourd. He is one of the first spirits to befriend Miyori and often teases her. He can transform into different shapes and sizes.

  • Nokko: A gentle and kind spirit who lives in a pond. She is one of the first spirits to befriend Miyori and often comforts her. She can control water and heal wounds.

  • Shin: A mysterious and powerful spirit who lives in a cave. He is one of the oldest and strongest spirits in the forest. He can control fire and fly.

Miyori no Mori is a film that celebrates the beauty and wonder of nature, as well as the importance of family, friendship, and self-discovery. It is a film that will touch your heart and inspire your imagination. e0e6b7cb5c


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