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What Makes Us Different

Online fitness programs such as Peloton, Mirror, or even a fitness app, all lack one key thing, the Personal Touch.  A live person who can understand you, your goals, your personal life and put them all together to help you become the healthiest you can be. 

We are the opposite of those programs that isolate you.  We see you every workout, adjust your techniques and like any good trainer, let you talk about your days.  Good Or Bad.

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The Gym

My fitness journey started when I entered the Canadian Military.  I began working out to be a better soldier/sailor.  It quickly became a passion and I decided to learn more and start helping others.  By my second year in the forces, I started an onboard fitness program to help others, and started doing personal training at a local gym in Victoria.

That was in 1995, and since then I have never stopped learning, training, coaching and mentoring.  I have managed and worked for Big Gym chains such as Gold's, GoodLife, World Health and others.  Each company adding to my experience and knowledge.  

When I opened Ricochet Fitness in 2012, my focus was introducing younger athletes to fitness, as the larger gyms didn't allow for anyone under 16 to join.  In 2015, I moved to a full time model and run the gym 7 days a week.   

We are not your ordinary gym.  When you join, you connect with other members who live close to you, have the convenience of gym located within a walk, short bike ride or drive of you house.  Allowing you to start or end your day with a good workout, with out fighting for a spot in the gym.

Since 2012, the gym has also increased and replaced our equipment to a level that allows you to have your own, bar, dumbbells, medballs or Kettlebells during your workout.  Reducing risk of getting sick during Cold, Flu or Covid outbreaks.  

The gym is open year round, with a heated space during the winter and open doors and airflow during the summer.


Let us know if you want more information or want to try a class.  


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